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With BlueGEN, you generate highly efficient electricity and heat right at the point of consumption, helping you to reduce your energy costs as well as your carbon emissions. The micro CHP unit from SOLIDpower, based on cutting-edge fuel cell technology, is without equal in the world and is ideally suited for application in residential and small commercial buildings.

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Welcome to SOLIDpower, the leading manufacturer of stationary fuel cell systems based on innovative SOFC technology for highly efficient generation of power and heat.

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SOLIDpower starts with social media : To provide you with even more recent news and articles about BlueGEN, fuel cells, energy supply and sustainability you find us on the social media...
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SOLIDpower SpA - Summer closure : Dear customers, suppliers, and stakeholders, We would like to inform you that, during August, the Italian headquarters (SOLIDpower SpA –...
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Anne Veck hairdressing salon with BlueGEN won the Green Salon Award 2017: The Anne Veck hairdressing salon in East Oxford won the Green Salon of the Year Award 2017. The prize is awarded to businesses which make efforts to...
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