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With BLUEGEN, you generate highly efficient electricity and heat right at the point of consumption, helping you to reduce your energy costs as well as your carbon emissions. The micro CHP unit from SOLIDpower, based on cutting-edge fuel cell technology, is without equal in the world and is ideally suited for application in residential and small commercial buildings.

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Welcome to SOLIDpower, the leading manufacturer of stationary fuel cell systems based on innovative SOFC technology for highly efficient generation of power and heat.

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SOLIDpower’s Large Stack Module (LSM)
Successfully tested SOLIDpower Large Stack Module for high efficiency Hydrogen generation.: SOLIDpower has developed these last couple of years a Large Stack Module (LSM) for reversible fuel cell & electrolysis operations. It integrates four...
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Neue Telefonnummer: Sehr geehrte Kunden und Geschäftspartner, damit wir für Sie auch weiterhin gut erreichbar sind, möchten wir Sie darauf aufmerksam machen, dass...
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Ein starkes Team: Brennstoffzelle BG-15 von SOLIDPower in Kombination mit dem Energiemanager und Hybrid-Heizsystem SolvisMax 7
Vertriebskooperation SOLIDpower mit SOLVIS: SOLVIS erweitert sein Produktportfolio: Dezentrale, hocheffiziente und klimafreundliche Eigenstromerzeugung mittels Brennstoffzellentechnologie von...
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