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With BLUEGEN, you generate highly efficient electricity and heat right at the point of consumption, helping you to reduce your energy costs as well as your carbon emissions. The micro CHP unit from SOLIDpower, based on cutting-edge fuel cell technology, is without equal in the world and is ideally suited for application in residential and small commercial buildings.



Welcome to SOLIDpower, the leading manufacturer of stationary fuel cell systems based on innovative SOFC technology for highly efficient generation of power and heat.

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SOLIDpower joined EU Green Energy Initiative: This is exciting: SOLIDpower has joined one of Europe‘s most ambitious green energy initiatives. Europe needs clean Hydrogen both to boost deep...
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BLUEGEN fuell cells generate sustainable electricity for data center in Lulea, Sweden: In Luleå, in the northern Swedish Lapland, the Swedish research institute RISE has set up an edge data center powered by BLUEGEN fuel cells from...
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Tech Consortium to Lead Low-Carbon Fuel Cell Development for Data Centers: Consortium of seven organizations chosen by the European Commission to develop a next-generation fuel cell platform to ensure a greener future for...
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