Our investors

These investors support the vision of SOLIDpower. 




Kew Capital

Kew Capital is a private investment consultancy, which was founded in 2008.
Kew provides advice on a global portfolio of equity and property investments.

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Leveraged Green Energy 

LGE was founded in order to identify clean energy technologies, to invest in them and support development. LGE has shareholdings in companies developing clean energy technologies and an extensive portfolio of licences from these.

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Other shareholders

Since 2006, when they founded the company, the Italian entrepreneurs Nelso Antolotti, owner of the multinational United Coatings Group, and Oscar Monteverdi have continuously supported our growth and the vision of clean, highly efficient and affordable energy systems with Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, bringing their entrepreneurial experience and long-term perspective as an added-value.
SOLIDpower has also built long-term relationships with other partners like the “Abt Holding Ltd.”, and the privately held business “EZ-Energies GmbH” from Germany, who develops and invests in innovative integrated energy solutions. We recognize the great value of their support and contribution to our progress.
In addition to them, our current investor base includes a variety of private citizens have decided to support our vision of continuous innovation as minority shareholders.

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