Innovative from top to bottom – at Autoport Cologne, not only the cars for sale offer the latest high-tech equipment and features. Yakup Ak, managing director at Autoport Cologne also implemented a forward-thinking technology for his energy supply. Our BlueGEN provides a reliable 24/7 energy supply for the company since April of 2017. Not only is Yakup Ak excited about the unique technology inside the system, it also has an effect on his business: “I’m always open for new paths to maximize our business potential. Thanks to BlueGEN I can cut my energy cost significantly.”

For Yakup Ak, maximizing profits and sustainability are not opposing each other. His business with a total usable area of around 900m2, with continuously running computers as well as lighting the annual electricity demand before the installation of BlueGEN was more than 30.000 kWh. “I needed a future-oriented solution” recalls Yakup Ak. The technophile car dealer found a solution in our micro combined heat and power system BlueGEN which generates electricity from natural gas from the grid or biogas.  

But the businessman is not a fan of doing things half-way, he also exchanged his heating system from oil to a cheaper gas-fueled solution, while the electricity demand is covered by BlueGEN. 

A look at the consumption costs shows: the investment of the car dealer pays off. After the installation of the micro generator the demand of energy was reduced by 10.000 kWh per year. Thinking of the saved expenses puts a smile on the face of the businessman: “I knew it right after the installation: BlueGEN is the right decision. Now I save around 2.200 Euro in electricity cost every year.” Ak reports. Together with the updated heating system he achieved total annual savings of around 4.000 Euro.

Yakup Ak is convinced: the installation of BlueGEN is an investment in the future. “There is no better solution for me. I work in the automotive industry and therefore I know about the potential of innovative energy sources. I am convinced, that technologies such as electric mobility and fuel cells will prevail over fossil fuels.” The businessman desires more progress and plans to install a photovoltaic system. “Combined with BlueGEN I will become more independent and can further reduce my energy costs.”






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Our customers' success stories

As an IT business, we depend on efficient and economical solutions. We’ve been able to cut our electricity bills by 47% thanks to BlueGEN. 

Not only our cars possess modern high-tech features, we also have forward-looking technology for our own power supply and save more than 2.200 Euro per year.

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I want to be independent from increasing energy prices and utilities. Being self-sufficient is very important to me. The innovative fuel cell-technology of BlueGEN is the future. 

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With BlueGEN I was able to cut my energy costs in half. I save more than 3.000 Euro per year and now I’m more independent with my energy supply.

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