Gerhard Golkowski lives and works on a space of around 150 square meters in Hückelhoven, near the Dutch border in Germany. In February of 2017 the self-employed planner for industrial facilities installed our BlueGEN fuel cell system in the basement of his single-family-home, where he has a large garden area and a swimming pool. With the highly efficient conversion of natural gas into electricity, the BlueGEN reduces Golkowski’s power draw from the grid from approx. 8,000 kWh to only 1,700 kWh per year. 

“To me the fuel cell technology of BlueGEN is really exciting and innovative”, said the graduated engineer as he explains his reasons for the installation. While choosing the technology, autarky was also a deciding factor: “I want to be more independent of increasing electricity prices and utilities. The BlueGEN enables me to do so.” With our BlueGEN Golkowski is less affected by increasing prices, as he produces his own low-cost electricity and thereby becomes more independent in the process.

The heating system in the home of Golkowski is relatively new and in excellent condition, hence there was no need for it to be replaced. The BlueGEN was integrated into the existing system through a hot water tank. This way BlueGEN can also support the heating system with the generation of hot domestic water, which reduces the required runtime of the boiler and increases the overall efficiency of the entire energy system.

The installation of BlueGEN enables Golkowski to save a lot of money in the coming years. In his case, the reduction of the annual total cost is around 660 Euro. These financial advantages were an additional incentive for the technology-oriented planner to invest in fuel cells. “I believe in the future potential of fuel cell technology and want to support it”, said Gerhard Golkowski. 





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As an IT business, we depend on efficient and economical solutions. We’ve been able to cut our electricity bills by 47% thanks to BlueGEN. 

Not only our cars possess modern high-tech features, we also have forward-looking technology for our own power supply and save more than 2.200 Euro per year.

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I want to be independent from increasing energy prices and utilities. Being self-sufficient is very important to me. The innovative fuel cell-technology of BlueGEN is the future. 

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With BlueGEN I was able to cut my energy costs in half. I save more than 3.000 Euro per year and now I’m more independent with my energy supply.

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