Ralf Kricke, building contractor from Germany, has obtained huge savings thanks to our BlueGEN. A closer look at his installation demonstrates the potential savings with a fuel cell system. In January of 2016, Ralf Kricke installed the world’s most efficient small-scale electricity generator in his basement and so far he is very satisfied with it: “After a short time, my energy costs were reduced by 50%”. 

The installation of BlueGEN definitely represents a winning decision for the German entrepreneur. The electricity consumption in his household is incredibly high: the home, built in 1992, is fully equipped with air-conditioning, a private sauna, a heated pool, and underfloor heating. In addition to this, Mr. Kricke brandishes a huge aquarium with seawater in the living room and a heated fishpond for his Koi carps in the backyard. Without BlueGEN, he had to buy 17.000 kWh of electricity per year from the public power grid, which cost him 4.800 euros every year.

Mr. Kricke decided to turn this situation around. “BlueGEN is a smart investment. The heating of my fishpond is now renewable thanks to BlueGEN and my new photovoltaic system. Furthermore, this is an investment for the future, when I’ll be older", explains Ralf Kricke. BlueGEN directly converts natural gas into electricity, thanks to the fuel cell technology. While the m-CHP was placed in the basement, a brand-new PV system was installed on the roof of the 270 m2 house and the old gas heating system was replaced with a modern heat pump, which heats the home together with BlueGEN. 

“With BlueGEN and my PV system I have almost reached complete energy independence, I contribute to the power grid stability and I save money” commented Kricke. 

“With BlueGEN and my PV system I have almost reached complete energy independence, I contribute to the power grid stability and I save money” commented Kricke. Since the installation of BlueGEN, the amount of electricity he buys from the public grid has decreased to about 7.000kWh per year and the gas consumption was also reduced from 30.000 kWh to 20.000 kWh, thanks to the combination of the fuel cell system with a heat pump. If previously Kricke’s energy costs were around 4.800 euros per year, on top of which there were additional 1.250 euros for the gas, today his total expenditure is 3.200 euro per year. This is how the entrepreneur saves 3.000 € per year: “I can invest the money I save somewhere else, for example in buying more Koi carps for my fishpond”.


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As an IT business, we depend on efficient and economical solutions. We’ve been able to cut our electricity bills by 47% thanks to BlueGEN. 

Not only our cars possess modern high-tech features, we also have forward-looking technology for our own power supply and save more than 2.200 Euro per year.

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I want to be independent from increasing energy prices and utilities. Being self-sufficient is very important to me. The innovative fuel cell-technology of BlueGEN is the future. 

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With BlueGEN I was able to cut my energy costs in half. I save more than 3.000 Euro per year and now I’m more independent with my energy supply.

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