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Using BlueGEN, you produce your own electricity right there where it is consumed, meaning you can significantly reduce energy costs for your business. The highly efficient fuel cell technology makes environmentally friendly production of electricity possible, which demonstrates the sustainability of your business.

Thanks to the comparatively low heat output, BlueGEN can not only be operated all year round but it can also be used in virtually any commercial building. BlueGEN can be integrated with almost any heating system and other advanced energy technologies.

This means the BlueGEN is ideal for small and mid-sized companies with a constant base-load power demand on account of permanent lighting, cooling equipment or server rooms, for example.



Discover what BlueGEN has to offer:

Cutting costs

Generating electricity with BlueGEN is up to 50% cheaper than buying from an electricity supplier.
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BlueGEN is supported by attractive subsidies in the UK and various other European countries.
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BlueGEN helps you to significantly reduce your CO2 compared to power from the grid.
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How BlueGEN works


  • You need a connection to the gas mains
  • You need to ensure there is a connection to the water and electricity supply 
  • You require a suitable location for installing the BlueGEN
  • You need to be able to convey the flue gas to the outside
  • An Internet connection

Do you have a gas mains connection? The diagram shows you whether BlueGEN is suitable for you:



Our customers’ success stories

As an IT business, we depend on efficient and economical solutions. We’ve been able to cut our electricity bills by 47% thanks to BlueGEN.

Not only our cars possess modern high-tech features, we also have forward-looking technology for our own power supply and save more than 2.200 Euro per year.

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I want to be independent from increasing energy prices and utilities. Being self-sufficient is very important to me. The innovative fuel cell-technology of BlueGEN is the future.

Read the story of Mr. Golkowski >>

With BlueGEN I was able to cut my energy costs in half. I save more than 3.000 Euro per year and now I’m more independent with my energy supply.

Read the story of Mr. Kricke >>

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