Cutting costs

The BlueGEN enables you to generate your electricity yourself and you won’t need to concern yourself with price increases or higher surcharges. The extremely efficient conversion of gas to electricity significantly reduces costs per kilowatt hour for your business.


The BlueGEN supplies 1.5 kW electricity constantly – around the clock and all year round. Overall, you generate around 13,000 kWh of electricity that you can use right at the point of consumption. Any excess electricity that you don’t need is automatically fed into the grid in return for remuneration. Year-round operation makes it possible to predict energy use and maximise your yields. The electricity from BlueGEN can be used in all types of commercial buildings and is ideal for powering permanent energy consumers such as air-conditioning and lighting systems at low cost.

Additionally, BlueGEN offers sufficient heat output for up to 200 litres of domestic hot water per day. This can be used for the laundry rooms or kitchen appliances in your company, for instance, and will cut your heating costs noticeably.


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Thanks to its high efficiency BlueGEN is very friendly to the environment and allows you to actively contribute to the energy transition and climate protection. The European Union supports the installation of high efficient fuel cell technologies through its ene.field and PACE subsidy programs (Pathway to a Competitive European FC m-CHP market).

BlueGEN is also the first fuel cell micro-CHP system with MCS approval and eligible for the Feed-in-Tariff in the UK. In other countries, e.g. Germany, additional funding is available to significantly reduce the investment costs for a BlueGEN.

The subsidies available allow you to purchase this innovative and extremely efficient technology today and run it efficiently under fair and affordable conditions. Get in touch with us! We offer individual, personal advice concerning all aspects relating to subsidies and funding – needless to say this is at no cost to you and is non-binding.





By using BlueGEN, you’ll not only cut your electricity bills, you’ll also help to protect the environment. BlueGEN’s uniquely high level of efficiency makes using natural gas considerably cleaner and more efficient. This means you can generate more electricity from the same amount of gas as large power plants. This helps you to reduce CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour of electricity by up to 50%, compared with obtaining your electricity from the grid.* Reduce your carbon footprint by more than four tons a year and demonstrate your company’s sustainability.




The BlueGEN produces energy right where it is consumed. Distributed generation of energy avoids loss through the power grid from transmission and conversion and reduces the overall load on power grids.

What's more, the BlueGEN’s fuel cell technology works without moving parts. The appliance therefore runs super-quietly and without any vibrations. 

*BlueGEN = 240 g/kWh, German power plant mix = 550 g/kWh




Further advantages

Easy to install

The BlueGEN is an add-on solution and can be combined with virtually any heating system. Thanks to the compact size and use of standard connections, the BlueGEN is quick and easy to install. It is connected to the heating system via a conventional hot water tank.


Comprehensive maintenance contract

The BlueGEN’s fuel cell technology has been tried and tested many times over and is extremely reliable. This is why the appliance is offered with a 10-year, comprehensive maintenance contract, which covers all maintenance and warranty services – without any hidden extra costs. This all-inclusive worry-free package offers you expert maintenance by SOLIDpower’s customer service and our many specialist partners near you.



The BlueGEN offers ultramodern, innovative features and moreover it can be combined with virtually all current and future power and heat generators. Regardless of whether it is combined with solar water heating systems or photovoltaics, heat pumps, storage batteries, charging devices for electric cars etc., the BlueGEN will always give you the most efficient electricity with maximum compatibility.



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