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With the BlueGEN, you are providing your customers with innovative fuel cell technology that makes a year-round supply of highly efficient, low-emission electricity possible. The BlueGEN generates 13,000 kWh of electricity per year with a power output of 1.5 kW electrically and up to 0.6 kW thermally, for up to 200 litres of domestic hot water a day.

The BlueGEN has a hydraulic connection to the heating system via a hot water storage tank and as a result it can be combined with nearly any heating system. The appliance is designed as auxiliary equipment, meaning it can be installed at any time regardless of whether the main heating is being replaced.

BlueGEN is ideal for installing in industrial buildings and workshops as well as mid-sized and large residential buildings.

As a SOLIDpower partner, you’ll be given extensive support in sales, installation and maintenance of BlueGEN systems and attractive purchase options.



Discover the advantages of BlueGEN:    


Offer your customers the most innovative solution to generate power and heat.
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Easy to install

The BlueGEN is very easy to install and compatible with a variety of other energy systems.
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A strong partner

SOLIDpower is a partner you can rely on when it comes to sales, installation and maintenance of the BlueGEN.
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How BlueGEN works


The customer needs:

  • A connection to the (natural) gas mains
  • A connection to the electricity supply
  • A connection to the water supply
  • An Internet connection (LAN)
  • A suitable place for installation
  • A means of conveying the flue gas to the outside

Technical specifications

BlueGEN is a highly efficient micro power plant, fuelled by natural gas and based on fuel cells, to supply residential buildings, public buildings and small firms with power and heat.



Application Power generator with heat recovery
Area of use All residential buildings, businesses, hotels, retirement homes, public facilities
Mode of operation Year-round (8,700 hours)
Fuel Natural gas, green gas (biomethane)
Type of fuel cell Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)
Fuel consumption <sup>1)</sup> 2.51 kW
Electrical output 1.5 kW Electrical efficiency
Thermal rating Up to 0.61 kW
Thermal efficiency <sup>1)2)</sup> Up to 25%
Heat recovery Waste heat exchanger
Overall efficiency <sup>1)</sup> Up to 85%
Electrical energy generated a year <sup>1)</sup> ~13,000 kWh<sub>e</sub>
Controls Remote monitoring and control via Internet
connection to customer portal performance data BlueGEN-net
Weight 230 kg
Height x width x depth 1,010 x 600 x 660 mm
Noise level <47 db (A)
Service interval <sup>3)</sup> 12 months
Comprehensive maintenance service Yes (120 months)
Subsidy For details of possible subsidies, please contact us

1) At maximum electrical efficiency, nominal 60% at 1.5 kWel

2) The thermal output is fed to the existing heating system for the hot water supply/heating the building 

3) Filter change depending on water, air and gas quality

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Success story

Guido Schaefer, plumbing and heating installer: I’m convinced of the advantages of BlueGEN. For this reason, I’m always proud to recommend BlueGEN to my customers.

We installed BlueGEN also in our building and we significantly reduced our energy costs.

The technology of BlueGEN is simply convincing.



Energy saving, easy installation and operation – I can only recommend BlueGEN to my customers!

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