The BlueGEN offers highly efficient fuel cell technology for generating power and heat, and thus unique advantages in the segment for CHP systems and power-generating heating.

  • Optimised operation for maximum use and benefit of electricity:
    1.5 kW electrical
     and up to 0.6 kW thermal
  • Year-round operation for maximum production of electricity
  • Auxiliary appliance, can be combined with any heating system
  • Connected via the hot water heater
  • Can be installed at any time, regardless of whether the heating is being replaced
  • Also ideal in buildings where the heating has recently been replaced 
    or where heat requirements are generally low

Expand your field of business and join the ranks of pioneers in the ever-growing market for fuel cell systems. As a SOLIDpower partner, you will be responsible for sales, installation and maintenance of BlueGEN in your region and will help to drive both the reform of energy policies and your company.




Easy to install

With the size of a washing machine, the BlueGEN is extremely compact; requirements as to space and the position for installation are correspondingly straightforward. The following are required for installation:

  • (Natural) gas supply
  • Connection to the power grid
  • Connection to the water supply
  • Internet connection

The connection to the heating circuit is via the hot water storage tank.

Thanks to fuel cell technology, which does not require moving parts, no additional work is required, such as reinforced plinths or special dampers, as is often the case with engine-driven CHPs or cogeneration systems.

BlueGEN is based on standard connections that ensure high compatibility with the existing heating system and rule out unpleasant surprises during installation.

Evacuation of flue gases in BlueGEN has been designed to be flexible. SOLIDpower provides the required materials for the flue gas and offers partners extensive information and advice.




A strong partner

SOLIDpower is a leading supplier in the field of fuel cell-based micro CHP systems. We offer our partners comprehensive support on all levels of business:

  • Training for sales, installation and maintenance of BlueGEN systems
  • Support in sales and marketing
  • Expert advice on subsidies and cost-effectiveness analyses for the customer
  • Technical support prior to, during and after installation
  • Fair margins and discount systems providing incentives

SOLIDpower is a well established company with a distinct vision and modern, well-conceived business processes for production, sales, service, etc. We have many years of experience in the technology, the products and business relationships with distribution and installation partners.





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