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BlueGEN marks the start of a new chapter in distributed generation: thanks to the very high electrical efficiency of 60%, the system can run all year round – regardless of the weather conditions and local heating requirements. This means each BlueGEN delivers approx. 13,000 kWh a year of low-emission electricity right where it is consumed.

BlueGEN’s fuel cell technology operates with considerably less outlay for maintenance, compared with engine-driven micro CHPs, for example. What is more, the systems are monitored around the clock over the Internet and are remotely controlled if necessary. BlueGEN systems can be integrated in standard energy management solutions via intelligent interfaces and controlled in a network.

This means the BlueGEN is ideal for micro-CHP projects, for example, contracting solutions and virtual power plant applications. 



Discover the advantages of BlueGEN:    

Maximum efficiency

BlueGEN is the most efficient method for distributed generation of heat.
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Customer retention

Offer your customers something new and unique.
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The BlueGEN is very reliable, safe to operate and poses no risks.
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How BlueGEN works

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