Maximum efficiency

The BlueGEN represents the most efficient method for distributed generation of electricity. Thanks to an electrical efficiency of 60% (net calorific value), conversion of (natural) gas to electricity is as efficient as in a modern combined cycle power plant – and right where electricity is consumed.



The BlueGEN is very environmentally friendly to operate and enables property owners to make a contribution towards the energy transition and climate protection.

Upon request, the BlueGEN’s power output can be modulated and a range of units can be integrated to form a large virtual power plant. The ease of adjustment and fine gradations thus make it possible to reduce the load on the grid by compensating for irregular sources of energy such as wind or photovoltaics.

The BlueGEN can release its maximum potential anywhere even just a slight heat sink needs to be made up for, e.g.:

  • In businesses
  • In passive and low-energy houses
  • In buildings where new heating has recently been installed

The BlueGEN is a micro CHP system  that has been designed as an auxiliary appliance and can be operated all year round thanks to low heat output.




Customer retention

The BlueGEN has been designed to work for at least 10 years. since it operates all year round, it offers assured, predictable gas consumption over this period. As a result and thanks to the comparatively low outlay for maintenance, the BlueGEN is the ideal appliance for contracting models and smart grid applications.

You will also profit from the clean image of fuel cell technology by becoming one of the pioneers in this booming market.





The BlueGEN technology has demonstrated its performance and reliability in over 12 million accumulated hours of operation. The appliance has been tested extensively and is technically mature. What is more, operating each BlueGEN is guaranteed by a 10-year comprehensive maintenance agreement that covers any work for maintenance and warranty services and entails no risks. The service team at SOLIDpower and numerous trade partners all over Germany and beyond are at the ready to respond quickly.

 BlueGEN has already been tested extensively by numerous energy suppliers and operators. A few examples: 





Further Advantages

Benefits for your customers

Learn how your customers benefit from the installation of a BlueGEN:

For businesses

For private households


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