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You will need the following for installing a BlueGEN: 

  • A connection to the (natural) gas mains 
  • A connection to the electricity supply 
  • A connection to the water supply
  • A flue gas tract
  • And a internet connection (LAN)

You will find further details about the connections in the technical specifications as well.


The BlueGEN can be installed in any building, provided that the above-listed conditions are met. In addition to residential buildings, this also includes commercial premises, smaller shops, public buildings and many others. There needs to be a suitable place to install the appliance inside the building and a means of conveying the flue gas to the outside.

We are endeavouring to set up a widespread network of installation partners. If we do not have a partner in your region yet, we will find one for you and train them so that they are qualified to install the BlueGEN.

The BlueGEN can be incorporated into any existing heating system with a central hot water supply via a heat storage.

We recommend a tank size of at least 200 litres.

The BlueGEN is first and foremost a replacement for the electrical supply. Therefore the answer should be, “No, normal tap water is sufficient to operate a BlueGEN”.

An available space (without heat accumulator) of about 1.5 × 1.7 m is required in order to provide good access for maintenance work. The BlueGEN needs an installation area of 0.6 × 0.7 m.

No, a connection to the power grid is needed for operation.

Yes, in principle. In certain cases however, cascaded installation is possible if it allows for a connection to an existing chimney. Contact us for more details.

In certain cases a cascaded installation is possible to connect to an existing exhaust flue. Please contact us for more details.

Yes, provided it has sufficient space (at least 10 x 10 cm) for the BlueGEN’s flue.

Yes, the flue can be routed along the outside wall of the house. Please contact us for more details.

No, in consultation with the chimney sweep the flue can also be routed to the outside through a side wall.

Unfortunately not at the moment.

Depending on the country of installation an inspection may be required. Please contact your local chimney sweep for further information.

We recommend an Internet connection over a standard Ethernet cable line (RJ45) to operate a BlueGEN.

This is not necessary for operation, however it may be a prerequisite in order to obtain certain subsidies.

Two electricity meters are needed. On the one hand, a balancing house meter that can read both the grid supply and also the amount fed into the grid, and on the other hand, a meter that measures just the electricity from the BlueGEN. This must be installed in agreement with the grid operator.

Installation should be carried out in close consultation with the chimney sweep. They are usually notified by the heating engineer.

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