Bosch Thermotechnology and SOLIDpower join forces

The BlueGEN micro CHP system from SOLIDpower offers enormous possibilities for efficient and environmentally friendly energy generation in domestic as well as commercial applications. To enable even more customers to benefit from the advantages of the innovative solid oxide fuel cell technology (SOFC), SOLIDpower and Bosch Thermotechnology have entered into a long-term partnership: From the fourth quarter of 2018, BlueGEN will also be distributed in Germany via the Bosch Thermotechnology brand Buderus.

Bosch Thermotechnology is thoroughly convinced by SOLIDpower’s innovative fuel cell technology and the numerous possibilities of applications: the two companies now signed a contract for the distribution of BlueGEN via Buderus – a brand of Bosch Thermotechnology. “With this collaboration we focus on combining BlueGEN with existing products from our portfolio for efficient system solutions. We offer tailor-made solutions for innovative and high-efficiency energy systems for decentralized power generation to our customers,” said Oliver Koukal, Senior Vice President Business Unit Residential Heating at Bosch Thermotechnology, to explain the common goals. Andreas Ballhausen, Managing Director of SOLIDpower GmbH, sees a host of opportunities in teaming up with Buderus: “With the high profile and extensive reach of Buderus we can make faster headway with BlueGEN in the German market. And with a 50% plus reduction in CO2, this is also an active contribution to the energy transition at the same time.” Alberto Ravagni, Chief Executive Officer of SOLIDpower SpA, sees the partnership as a key milestone in achieving the ambitious corporate goals: “We want to establish the fuel cell in the mass market quickly so that we can reduce manufacturing costs, which in turn will mean we no longer have to rely on subsidies.”

Environmentally friendly and effective technology

BlueGEN is a micro CHP system based on a fully integrated fuel cell module. Unlike other energy conversion systems, it doesn't burn fuel. Instead, it converts natural gas into electricity through an electrochemical reaction inside the fuel cell, which makes it particularly kind to the environment. Its CO2 emissions are roughly half of those produced by combustion power plants. The small-scale power generator, manufactured in Europe, generates around 13,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year at a constant output of 1.5 kilowatts, and any surplus energy not consumed locally is fed into the grid and credited accordingly. Thanks to its superb electrical efficiency, the system can operate all year round. What little waste heat it generates can be conveniently used to produce hot water and therefore to save energy. What's more, it eliminates transmission and conversion losses because the power is generated locally at the point of consumption. In short, BlueGEN is a highly efficient and very cost-effective source of electricity.


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